It’s an attractive notion stealing from the casino. We’ve all seen it on screen with Ocean’s Eleven or with card counting in 21. Yet it seems like an impossible feat, how do you steal from the rich and powerful without getting caught? Whether it’s online gambling or land-based casinos, a lot of money is being passed around, over 131 Billion in revenue in 2012 alone. If you think you still have a shot at beating the casino, good luck. You’re probably not aware of the ultra-high tech measures put in place to fight thieves in land-based and online casinos. Here are a few people have used to cheat the casino.

Card Counting

This one is pretty famous and well know however it’s far from easy to accomplish for regular people. It requires advanced statistical skills, perfect knowledge of the blackjack strategy and an intense attention to details. Only highly motivated individuals can pull it off and still casinos found the way to identify card counters. If you are marked as a count counter, good like trying to enter any casinos in the world. Indeed, casinos are quite happy to share the information about rule breakers amongst themselves. You’ve been warned.


Focusing on the Dealer

What’s easier to corrupt between a computer and a person? Easy, go for human error. The most vulnerable part of any casinos is the staff, more precisely the dealer. For example, the dealer could signal the player when the deck is hot or miss-shuffle the cards. Casinos have seen many instances of players colluding with the dealer. That is why they vet the staff thoroughly and don’t hesitate to fire and sue anyone that breaks the rules. On the other hand, players try to distract the dealers by any mean possible to influence the outcome of a game. It comes in the form of cleavage, loud attire or even grimaces.

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